Using Your Work Culture as a Strategic Advantage

The economy is on fire. Unemployment could plunge as low as 2.5% by June. Companies that flourish in the future will have institutionalized employee engagement built into their work culture.

A chief economist at LinkedIn, says that a large chunk of the hiring is pulling not from the ranks of the unemployed, but from other companies. “People are leaving their jobs for another opportunity,” he said.

The more opportunities in today’s economy, the bigger the challenge becomes for companies to retain their best employees. Companies that don’t succeed likely have flaws in their business plan or lack the high-performance people to consistently execute a smart business plan.

Make no mistake, the rise of the economy is a momentous opportunity for your business. However, you must be the type of company that attracts high-level talent. Not one who loses it.

These employees can work anywhere they want, even in poor market conditions, but with today’s historically low jobless rate this factor becomes significantly more important.

High-performance people will generally gravitate towards high-performance organizations. Organizations with enlightened leadership that make culture as their first priority are what high-performers look for.

According to this study done by, culture and values are the most important thing for successful employees.


It’s not hard to figure out why employee turnover is rising and will continue to rise. If your company doesn’t fulfill an employees’ hierarchy of needs, they’ll go somewhere that does.

If your company is positioned in a way to attract these top employees, your business will naturally improve. You should strive to have a work culture and environment that top-level employees dream of working at. This separates you from your competition. 

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It is impossible to achieve your goals without employees that buy into your culture. The most successful organizations and companies have people who reflect their vision.

First, you must understand the real underlying source of your problems. That’s why we are offering this free employee culture survey.

With this free survey tool you can look deep below the surface and discover important issues that may be holding you back that you never realized before:

  • Are your employees really engaged?
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  • Do they care about your customers?
  • Do they trust each other?
  • Are their values in alignment with your organizational purpose?  

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This free culture survey is designed to uncover the reasons you may not be achieving your most important goals.

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