What Creates Business Success is Not Visible

When companies succeed only the success is visible. The business success that you see are the results and the relationships. Nothing visible is the defining part of success.

Everything that defines success is beneath the surface of visibility. It’s just like an iceberg. Only the tip is visible. This also works both ways.

If you aren’t reaching your goals, you may look and see the lack of success at the top. However, just like success – you can’t see the deeper reasons for failure from above the surface. Discipline, loyalty, persistence, and dedication are factors that go into success or failure that are tough to measure.

Take a look at this graphic by Sylvia Duckworth.

Here are the habits of great companies you don’t see.


The most successful companies have the ability to fail, and possibly even multiple times. These companies learn from their failure, helping them become better at the task at hand, working with each other and tasks in the future.

Learning from failure and not making the same mistakes is something every company goes through. It’s just not visible from the outside.


This goes hand in hand with failure. You have no idea how many times a company or an employee may have tried something until it became a success.

Great Work Habits

This is extremely important, but even management or CEO’s can have trouble knowing if an employee or company has these. You can analyze them by taking a pause and looking at you or your company’s daily routine.

Even ask around for their routines. If its produced success, encourage them to keep doing it.

Hard Work

This doesn’t mean working the most hours. It means working the hardest to overcome problems.

Focusing on the aspects that improve the company and themselves is how you measure this.


Employees need to commit to your company vision. They won’t be fully engaged with great habits if they don’t buy into your dream.

This aspect is tough to measure – since anyone can say they are all in.

Each of these traits are part of failure – and you can’t see them from above the surface.

When companies go under, all you see is the final result. Visibility works the same way for the good and the bad.

CEO’s and business owners have the same problem. It’s hard to see under the surface. They get caught up in the big picture and can’t tell what day to day aspects affect the company negatively.

We offer a free tool that helps leaders diagnose their problems.

If you don’t know if you have a problem, or how important it is, you can’t improve.

You can’t achieve your goals without employees that buy into your culture. The most successful organizations and companies have people who reflect their vision.

First, you must understand the real underlying source of your problems. That’s why we are offering this free employee culture survey.

With this free survey tool you can look deep below the surface and discover important issues that may be holding you back that you never realized before:

  • Are your employees really engaged?
  • How much do they genuinely care about the organization?
  • Do they care about your customers?
  • Do they trust each other?
  • Are their values in alignment with your organizational purpose?

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This free culture survey is designed to uncover the reasons you may not be achieving your most important goals.


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